Insane Seattle Bus Crash Captured On Google Street View

Google Street View: Is there anything it can't do? If it's not taking us inside Doctor Who's TARDIS or various automotive museums, it's catching the immediate aftermath of breathtaking charter bus accidents in Seattle.


Fansite Google Street View World today found that Google Maps has a Street View picture of a Northwestern Trailways charter bus hanging somewhat precariously over Interstate 5 following a crash.

No, it's not a fake. According to TV station KATU, this happened back in December 2008. They called it a "bizarre incident" in which two charter buses collided while nosing down an icy Seattle hill, sending both of them crashing through a metal railing above the freeway. The bus in the photo hang 30 feet above the Interstate before it was towed to safety.


The Google camera car must have just been in the right place at the right time, I guess.

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