Last year, Serbian police caught two electrical engineering students preparing to rob a jewelry store. Amazingly, the whole chase and capture was recorded by Google Street View.

To follow along with this story, go right here to see the Street View for yourself.

Local Radio 21 initially reported the attempted robbery last October, stating that two electrical engineering students were hanging around an often-robbed jewelry district in Novi Sad. Witnesses called the cops, the kids ran, and got caught. One was carrying a loaded gun.

The key detail is where the students were arrested: August Cesarca, No.4. Over the weekend in another Radio 21 article, local police stated that the Google Street View of the address lets the whole world see the arrest.

And if you run through the streets, you can see the whole chase as it unfolds.


Police turn onto Bace Пелагића from Petra Drapšina.

They chase up alongside the Google Street View car. You can see Google's white Opel Astra reflected in some shop windows.


If you look up the road, you can see one of the students trying to escape around a corner. oddly, this guy's getup does not exactly match the picture of the suspects originally posted by Radio 21.


When he rounds the corner onto Augusta Cesarca, the cops finally chase him down.

You see people standing and watching.


And you see the cop car making the arrest.

Robberies are somewhat common in the area, but it's still an amazing coincidence that the Street View car managed to capture the whole thing on its cameras. The chase itself only lasted a few minutes.

Man, everything is on Street View nowadays.