Why A Classic McLaren Can-Am Car Is The Best Way To Bond With Your Dad

Chris Goodwin already has it pretty great as McLaren's chief test driver. But what's more, is that Goodwin races a classic M1B that he bought with his dad at Goodwood. How's that for bonding? » 9/26/14 8:15pm 9/26/14 8:15pm

This Is The Most Adorable Race Car In The World

I only had vague memories about this car, but thanks to Goodwood, now I want to race one more than I want a brioche con pistacchio for breakfast tomorrow, and the day after. » 9/17/14 3:33pm 9/17/14 3:33pm

The Goodwood Revival Was 2014's Best Car Event, Period

The Goodwood Revival is the best car event in the world, and I was lucky enough to be there. Next year, you should make the trip too to Sussex wearing something nice, because the cars, oh, the cars, are simply unreal. » 9/16/14 5:04pm 9/16/14 5:04pm

Ride Along As Chris Harris Takes The Lead In The TT Celebration Race

Make sure to throw yourself around in your chair to try and get the full effect of what it must have been like to be there with Chris Harris in his Lister Jag. This was shot during the Goodwood Revival's TT Celebration race, and is pretty incredible to watch. » 9/19/13 5:16pm 9/19/13 5:16pm

You Have To Watch This Incredible Display Of Car Control

Here we have former IndyCar star Kenny Brack in a Ford GT40 at the Goodwood Revival in the rain. As far as I can tell, the car is never traveling straight. You have to see this. » 9/15/13 2:00pm 9/15/13 2:00pm

A 1938 Alta Makes For A Gorgeous Lawnmower

Paul Jaye beautifully sheds some grass from his 1938 Alta after losing control in the historic Madgwick corner at the 2009 Goodwood Revival. [Photo Credit: markcann1 via fuckyeahcarburetors] » 3/05/10 9:30am 3/05/10 9:30am

Goodwood Revival Ladies Day

Lord March has enlisted famous fashionistas like Twiggy to patrol his estate during this year's Goodwood Revival. British motor sport's first and only Ladies Day takes place Friday, September 1st, women dressed in period - 1948-1966 - costume will be selected for awards of champagne and flowers based solely on how… » 8/01/07 6:15pm 8/01/07 6:15pm