Please Enjoy These Excellent Butt-Clenching Saves From the Goodwood Revival

Gif: Goodwood Road & Racing (YouTube)

The Goodwood Revival is awesome in many ways—it takes place in England, you get dressed up, everyone looks fabulous—but perhaps the most awesome thing about it is that the priceless vintages cars actually get driven and raced against each other. Is it terrifying at times? You bet it is.


One of the biggest criticisms I have toward old, vintage car collections is that the cars don’t do what they’re meant to, which is drive. The Goodwood Revival throws that belief out the window and drives those cars at full chat around the circuit, which inevitably means pricey crashes. That’s just the risk involved.

This new video isn’t so cruel as to show you the crashes. Instead, you get to see some truly awesome saves. Every single one of these will make your butt clench up, both because car crashes are scary and also because they could have been multi-million dollar disasters.


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