The New Bumblebee Movie Looks Like The Iron Giant If He Was Made From VW Parts

Let’s be honest: even for a series of movies based on a line of plastic toys, the Transformers movies have generally sucked, pretty dramatically. So, my expectations for this new Bumblebee movie are pretty low. That said, there’s been some decisions that have given me the barest bit of hope: Bumblebee is a Volkswagen…

Bumblebee Returns In His Original Volkswagen Beetle Form In The Next Transformers Movie

Let’s be honest: the Transformers series of movies are pretty awful. Even if we accept that a movie about space-robots that turn into cars and trucks isn’t the sort of framework that’s going to beget Citizen Kane, they’ve still been idiotic. But at least one good thing is happening: in the upcoming standalone Bumblebee movie