Why Does the Car Have Boobs?

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Screenshot: Moonbase2 (Twitter)

I will readily admit that I am definitely not a collector of all things Transformers, but even I will notice if one of them has suddenly sprouted a set of boobs on their model version. Why are there boobs? What car has boobs?

This is the latest interpretation of an Arcee prototype that popped up on Twitter yesterday. It’s from Big Firebird, a third-party company that makes high-quality Transformers that are based on established characters for the collector’s market, according to my colleague, Mike Fahey, from Kotaku.


Now, compare Big Firebird’s Arcee to Hasbro’s Arcee.

No car that I know has breasts—especially not breasts strapped into a pink pushup top (to be fair, it’s really a very lovely shade of pink). I’ve seen trucks with testicles, but no cars with boobs.


Arcee certainly seemed to make do without boobs on her Hasbro version just fine. What part of the car are the boobs, anyway? The fuel tank? Windshield wiper fluid reservoir? The airbags—or is that too on the nose?

Twitter, in any case, isn’t terribly thrilled with it.


Anyway, Arcee is badass and she can kick butt just fine without boobs. I’ve seen her do it.

(h/t to Cecilia!)