My Inner Five-Year-Old Loves These Over-The-Top Cars From Transformers: The Last Knight

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Transformers: The Last Knight, set for release next summer, is currently filming near Detroit, so fansite took the opportunity to grab a close-up video walkaround of some of the cars appearing in the video. They are all absurd. Every one of them. And yet, the kid in me kind of digs them.

Of course, there’s Bumblebee, the new sixth-gen Camaro-based protagonist. It’s got a wild new fascia, big ribs in the hood and quarter panel, a huge wing and crazy lower body cladding. I’m not afraid to say that I kind of like it.

I also like the ridiculous Mustang-based character named Barricade. It’s a beautiful shiny dark blue with blacked-out wheels and lights, big vents in the hood, and a huge push bumper in the front.


Then there’s the Mercedes-AMG GT R, which already looks insane even in its stock form. Add the red and black paint job, and this thing is going to look good on the silver screen.

Have a look at the video above for a closer look at these ridiculous cars that would look very much at home at SEMA, Autorama, or any other car show specializing in ostentatious automotive design.


h/t: Carscoops