Transformers 5 Movie Set Uses Big Car To Crash Like A Robot

If you’re like me and have thoroughly enjoyed at least one of the soon-to-be five movies in the Transformers franchise, you probably know that all of the gritty explosion-ness and car flipping is mostly done for real, just minus the giant robots. But how do they convincingly get all those cars to flip?

Well, Michael Bay’s answer is pretty straightforward (as is his directing technique). Basically his production team turned a big truck into a giant, fast-moving plow that can ram through anything and convincingly pull off the “giant alien robot charging through the city streets” look for the camera.


The truck, which is difficult to make out in the quick shots of the video but seems to have a Chevrolet bow tie on the steering wheel, has been appropriately deemed the “Baybuster.”

Here’s the clip of it in action on the set of Transformers: The Last Knight, via the movie’s Facebook page:

I haven’t seen any of these movie beyond the second one, back when I was like, 15, or something. I probably wont see this until I find it on Netflix after a few beers. I just want another Bad Boys movie.


Via Carscoops

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