The Bumblebee Movie Sounds Very Sexy, Which Nobody Asked For

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Given my recent beef with the Transformers films, I personally have pretty low expectations for Bumblebee. Especially now that the movie apparently is very, uh, sexy. Hm.


Film and media critic Lindsay Ellis, who has seen the movie ahead of its release, picked up on some apparent sexual tension between Bumblebee and the film’s teenage hero, Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld).

I’ll let her take it from here:

I have been made uncomfortable.

Ahem! Love in what form exactly?


Oh GOD. I have watched Grinding Nemo once and I never need to see it again.


Totally the first thing you do when your car turns into an alien robot.


I probably won’t tweet. I’ll just unhealthily internalize the pain and confusion.


Look, the sex robots are coming. Maybe this movie is just a way to incept the idea into our heads so we’ll comply more easily when it actually happens. Listen, at least the Beetle is back.


Bumblebee opens officially on Dec. 21. Those of you who are going to see it, please report back here and tell me if the sexual tension is real.

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The Stig's Chamorro cousin (Chamorrovirus)

I was just having a late lunch with my 16yo daughter, and she said “we need to see Bumblebee” - we always see popcorn movies together.  Just not anything in this franchise.

We then had a good discussion about the misogyny and statutory rape-normalization of the earlier films. Teenage sexualization is just fucking gross.

So no, we won’t be giving Michael Bay any money - ever.