This Turbo Miata-Powered Lotus Replica Started With a Haynes Book and Went Nuts by Page Two

Building a car from scratch in your basement is hard enough to make you a bit of a hero to the rest of us. Going off-plan to completely re-engineer the design of the car, adding a turbo and doing all your own carbon fiber work is the stuff of legends. Meet Jon Frecks, whose home-built Lotus Seven replica rules hard.

Your Owner’s Manual Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About How To Drive Stick

Learning how to drive a stick shift is hard. There’s a little shifter knob with a weird pattern, some numbers and an “R,” along with three—yes, three—pedals. That’s a lot to pay attention to. But if you’re sitting on a dealership lot in your brand-new car and no one is there to teach you, check out your owner’s manual.