Overdrive Has Pretty Cars But You'll Cringe So Hard At Everything Else You'll Almost Miss Them

You know those really awkward moments in movies where you, as the viewer, actually feel embarrassed that you’re watching them? Moments that make you cringe so hard that you feel like you’re about to turn yourself inside out? Well, Overdrive as a whole felt that way: a cringey, cheap and flat discount version of Redline

I Can't Decide If I'll Buy This Fate Of The Furious Car Pack For Forza 7 (OK Fine I Probably Will)

If you’ve been following along with our Fast and Furious coverage, then you’ll know that I will die defending those movies. I love everything about them: the bad acting, the science-bending stunts and the bullet-proof plot lines. And now Turn 10 Studios has announced a The Fate of the Furious car pack for the upcoming …