This A Cappella Dub of Tokyo Drift Is a Thing of Beauty and Wonder

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Image: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is the best Fast and Furious movie. I will not be taking questions at this time. Any piece of follow-up tribute anyone makes to it will be met with swift and immediate appreciation. The latest? This a cappella dub of the first drift race.


The first race is important. It shows both us, the viewers, and the film’s main protagonist, Sean (Lucas Black) exactly how out of his depth he is when he arrives in Japan and thinks he can race. It’s his inaugural face-off with his rival, D.K. (Brian Tee) and the introduction to the movie’s title-style of driving.

If you’re a huge TD fan, then you know the scene by heart. You know the burbling sound of the DK’s 350Z. You know noise of Sean crashing. The squeal of the tires.

And now, here it is—but with a cappella.

This isn’t the full scene (though I kind of wish it was), but it’s still super fun! It’s a follow up to a MotoGP dub video user Vlosh made two weeks ago. That one is also worth checking out.

My personal challenge to Vlosh is that he does the safe-dragging scene from Fast Five next.

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When the original Fast and Furious was brought back and shown at Arclight theaters in LA a couple years ago, the screening I was at had a faulty sound system. So for the first fifteen minutes of the movie, theatergoers brought up the script on their phones, assigned roles, and did all the sound effects. My favorite part was three different people each making the sound of an individual Civic in the opening sequence.

(As the Civics come up on the truck one by one:)

Civic one: (Convincing sound of a B-series hitting VTEC)

Civic two: (Convincing sound of a straight-piped Corvette)

Civc three: