Dec 11 2018

Here’s a reminder that 40 years ago, Renault partnered with American Motors for joint distribution, design, and production in the U.S. market. How great would these two have been for a two-car garage setup when new? You could do anything and go anywhere. 

Oct 24 2018

1974 was the final model year of the AMC Ambassador—the Kenosha, Wisconsin-built American Motors flagship since 1958. It’s a model whose roots go all the way back to Nash’s top-of-the-line cars of the 1920s. But after nearly 50 years, the Ambassador name died out in the heart of America’s first oil crisis.

Jul 18 2018

The second-generation AMC Javelin was called the “Humpster” for its enormously arched front fenders. According to Hemmings, in 1971—after designing the two-seater AMX and the first-gen Javelin in the ’60s on the Rambler American platform (in an effort to “catch up to” Ford’s Mustang)—AMC nixed the AMX model and