​2015 BMW X6: This Is It

Hate the X6? BMW doesn't. The misshapen X5 that ripped the "utility" out of SUV has sold a quarter-million copies around the world. Some were sold in the States, but the other 243,000-or-so became the de facto ride of the Russkaya Bratva that couldn't afford a Cayenne. So it's no surprise that the new X6 is debuting… » 6/05/14 9:04pm 6/05/14 9:04pm

Urban Camo Is Not A Fresh, New Or Provocative Look For Your Car

Urban camouflage had a brief moment of inexplicable popularity during the early part of this century. It's now relegated to pant patterns for faux tough-guy types and now, apparently, all matter of vehicles. This is all the Germans fault. » 2/15/10 1:30pm 2/15/10 1:30pm

Is That An Undertray In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

A while back, Wert noted that underbody plastics serve a glorious and wonderful purpose. We found an example of this sort of thing in L.A., and it just happens to look awesome. Five bucks says you can't guess the car. » 12/04/09 3:00pm 12/04/09 3:00pm

Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon EVO: Tuning In The Bad Taste

Okay, the Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon EVO does have 501 HP, carbon fiber body work and aggressive tires, but it's also a poster child for everything tasteless and tacky about aftermarket tuners. Zebra stripes? Really? » 9/15/09 2:45pm 9/15/09 2:45pm

Acura ZDX: Design, Deconstructed

Well into the second century of the automobile, new vehicles can't help but be a portmanteau of earlier designs. Even those that believe they're a new segment. Let’s see some of the recently-revealed Acura ZDX’s forefathers. » 8/18/09 9:00am 8/18/09 9:00am

BMW X6 M: First Drive

Despite the enormous size and weight, the BMW X6 M is just as fast around the Nurburgring as the last BMW M3. But why did BMW's M division build the world's sportiest crossover? » 7/07/09 6:00pm 7/07/09 6:00pm

BMW X6 M Paces Laguna Seca MotoGP Race

BMW supplied one of its new X6 M's for the MotoGP race at Leguna Seca over the weekend, further attempting to brand the segment-blurring tire-shredding-crossover-wagon-hatchback as a racy option for the confused and monied. So how'd it perform? » 7/06/09 11:00am 7/06/09 11:00am

BMW X6 Emergency Response Truck Is No Ambulance

People who call this BMW X6 xDrive50i an ambulance and complain about the lack of space are mistaken. It's a "notarzt" car, which Ze Germans created to save lives before ze ambulance arrives. » 5/13/09 2:30pm 5/13/09 2:30pm

Hartge BMW X6 Does Diesel Performance, Horrific Body Kit

Hartge has taken the wraps off its tuned BMW X6, and the 3.0-liter twin turbocharged I6 diesel bumped up to a monstrous 328HP and 498 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, they also did a body kit. » 4/16/09 4:00pm 4/16/09 4:00pm

BMW X5 M, X6 M Minisite Source Code Reveals 550 HP Twin Scroll Details

It's possible BMW may not have hired the most clever web designers for the BMW X6 M website as the source code contains some rather telling tags, like "550 HP" and "Twin Scroll Twin Turbo." » 3/05/09 12:30pm 3/05/09 12:30pm

Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 GT: Why Or Why Not?

Take the oddly-shaped segment-bending BMW X6, add a bunch of carbon fiber doo-dads, lower it over deep-dish wheels and name it after a Mercedes-Benz racer. The result? The Lumma Design BMW CLR X 650 GT. » 2/27/09 1:00pm 2/27/09 1:00pm

BMW X6 M Teased In Sneak Preview Video

It looks like BMW’s M division is doing something it said it never would: building an SUV. The BMW X6 M will use tuned versions of the X6’s 400 HP V8 and torque vectoring differentials. » 1/05/09 5:45pm 1/05/09 5:45pm

Possible BMW X5M, X6M Prototypes Spotted In Spartanburg

Some are suggesting that the BMW X5 and X6 prototypes you see here will wear the sacred "M" badge when they reach production. The rules used to state that all BMW "M" cars must be naturally aspirated and rear-wheel-drive. But with rumors of turbochargers being bolted to future M-models » 8/25/08 11:00am 8/25/08 11:00am, and now the prospect of these…

AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Proves You Can Make The X6 Look Worse

The tuners and tunettes at AC Schnitzer have turned their wrenches toward the 2009 BMW X6, BMW's unique Sports Activity Coupe. When we reviewed the Bimmer, making it look stranger with visual tweaks wasn't high on the list of things we were hoping someone would change. That didn't seem to deter AC Schnitzer, who added… » 7/28/08 12:00pm 7/28/08 12:00pm

Big-Assed 2010 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Spotted In Death Valley, No Spotted…

Now we don't know for sure if the lack of spotted owls in these photos is the direct result of engineers blasting the A/C in their 2010 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid, but we're going to go out on a limb and say that it is. Expect a rapid decline in spotted owl population levels in LA, New York and other major cities where… » 7/02/08 3:50pm 7/02/08 3:50pm

BMW X6 Sells Out

The entire BMW X6 production run for 2008 has been sold. While there are still a smattering of vehicles available at some dealers, every one scheduled to depart the Greenville, SC production facility has been spoken for by a dealer, many of whom report a long waiting list for the new SAC. This doesn't surprise us at… » 5/08/08 6:20pm 5/08/08 6:20pm

Journalist Combines X6 And Deer With Disastrous Results

While Wes was flogging his 2009 BMW X6 around South Carolina, a journalist for the Toronto Star managed to make witnessed an impromptu test of the Bimmer's safety features after colliding nearly head-on with a deer. Maybe he was driving on the wrong side of the road (crazy Canadians). Of course, if you've ever driven… » 4/15/08 1:00pm 4/15/08 1:00pm

BMW Assist, Google Maps Introduce "MyInfo" Service For New Big-Ass X6

BMW's teaming up with everyone's favorite mapping monopoly, Google Maps, to bring a new addition to the BMW Assist Safety Plan. It's called "MyInfo," and it's a service which, in addition to sounding hip and techie-cool through deletion of the spaces in the name, will allow BMW Assist subscribers to send business… » 4/12/08 1:30pm 4/12/08 1:30pm

BMW X6, Part Three

Why you should buy this car:
Odd vehicles fascinate you. You're open-minded and prepared to accept that a big, tall, heavy SUV can out-drive many a sports car. You always wanted a Lamborghini LM002 but are locked into a world of lease agreements. Your heart says sports car but your head says, "You live at the end of a… » 4/08/08 12:00pm 4/08/08 12:00pm