BMW X5 M, X6 M Minisite Source Code Reveals 550 HP Twin Scroll Details

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It's possible BMW may not have hired the most clever web designers for the BMW X6 M website as the source code contains some rather telling tags, like "550 HP" and "Twin Scroll Twin Turbo."

Despite all outward appearances, we of the Jalop are by no means master web ninjas, but Firefox has this neat feature called "View Page Source" which lets you look under the hood of any website you visit. Doing so for the just-launched BMW X5 M and X6 M minisite reveals the following tag cloud:

Crafted at M, SAV, SAC, Sports Activity Vehicle, Sports Activity Coupe, E70 M, E71 M, X5M, X5 M, X6M, X6 M, M GmbH, BMW M, discussion, behind the scenes, news, spyshots, spyshot, prototype, disguise, disguised, testing, Nordschleife, Nürburgring, report, blog entry, image material, press, press release, eight-cylinder engine, V8, Twin Scroll Twin Turbo, 550 bhp, performance, motorsport, sport, dynamics, xDrive, X-Drive, all-wheel, Adaptive Drive, HUD, Head Up Display, dynamic, sophisticated, feedback, gills, lightweight, spaciousness


Oops. Seems the overzealous designers were hankering for some love from Google and included all the key details about the cars in an effort to maximize searchability. It's possible the details revealed here aren't exact, but we doubt it. So now we know they're both likely to get V8's equipped with two twin-scroll turbochargers blasting out a ridiculous 550 HP, all-wheel drive, heads-up display's and the same Adaptive Drive found on the 7-series. And what is this business of "gills?" The complete details will be arriving in thirty days when the vehicles are completely revealed, or sooner when some real h4xorz turn the website into swiss cheese. [BMW X M Minisite]

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Normally when we talk about the X6 I post a picture of an AMC Eagle.

Unfortunately, AMC engineers never got to build the Super Eagle, with a twin-turbo AMC 304.

Rumor has it a few prototypes can be found in the Kenosha, Wi area to this day.