Urban camouflage had a brief moment of inexplicable popularity during the early part of this century. It's now relegated to pant patterns for faux tough-guy types and now, apparently, all matter of vehicles. This is all the Germans fault.

These creations in vinyl are the responsibility of Cam-Shaft eK, a German company specializing in full vehicle wraps to change color without disrupting the original paint scheme and provide graphics packages like these. They do what their customers ask, so that means nobody told German Ferrari owners urban camo is so last decade.

They're not the only ones — here's the Ferrari 458 and three more examples out of the same shop of German car buyers who just don't get the faux-military thing is over.


The Ferrari 458 Italia might not be one of the most graceful designs to come out of Maranello, but it's no Dino 308 GT4 and doesn't deserve to be hidden away behind camouflage. [via Folien Technik]

Considering this full size Dodge Ram lives in Europe, we're guessing the owner was trying to get it to blend into the background so the tax collectors would overlook its gargantuan hugeness (for Europe). [via Folien Technik]


It's a BMW X6, there's not much you can do to the the car to make it look worse than making it a 5-Series GT. This one is a Hamman show car, but now we know who's responsible. [via Folien Technik]


Compared to the other jobs, this MINI is actually kind of tasteful, though it looks like it's covered in gray worms rather than camouflaged. [via Folien Technik]

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