My Kid’s Insane List Of Reasons To Be Thankful, Annotated

I have an 8-year-old who has something of an overactive imagination, which is a good thing for a child to have, in theory. There are entire 10,000-word think pieces and scientific studies now about how all playgrounds should be replaced with an open field and a giant barrel of sticks so that kids can go construct… » 11/17/14 2:22pm 11/17/14 2:22pm

Ten Race Cars We're Thankful For

If there's one thing that we're thankful for, it's definitely the race car. Some represent the pinnacle of technology, some are simply fun to drive, and others are so insane that we're simply glad they exist. Here are ten of the race cars we're thankful for in 2014. » 11/27/14 1:55pm 11/27/14 1:55pm

How To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner: A Strategy Guide

How does one eat a Thanksgiving meal? On its face this might seem like a ridiculous question, and also everywhere else too. I mean, who doesn't know how to eat? (Excepting the British, of course.) Thanksgiving is marked, more than anything else, by its abundance of tasty foodstuffs; practically speaking, it is a… » 11/27/14 12:30pm 11/27/14 12:30pm

How To Deep Fry A Turkey With An Engine Hoist

Fried turkey, the official food of Thanksgiving hoons, only gets better when prepared with an engine hoist. Here's Mike Bumbeck's holiday classic on how to dunk your bird in boiling oil properly. » 11/27/14 10:00am 11/27/14 10:00am

Tweets From Delayed Holiday Fliers Include Pretty Good Emoji Suicide

There's no worse delay than when you're trying to get to where your family and friends are. Reasons might include maintenance, that Nor'easter that's pounding the east coast, or even the President. Here are some of the best gripes I've found on Twitter for this holiday week. » 11/26/14 2:55pm 11/26/14 2:55pm

How to Explain Net Neutrality to Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and getting peppered with questions about tech-related news stories because hey, you read a bunch of blogs and you even know what a yik-yak is! It's only a matter of time before they ask you "So what's up with that thing on the internets?" » 11/26/14 12:25pm 11/26/14 12:25pm

A Snowstorm Will Make Your East Coast Thanksgiving Travel a Nightmare

A travel nightmare will unfold this week as odds increase that a highly disruptive snowstorm will affect the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Wednesday. Travel through all major cities from Washington D.C. to Boston will be heavily affected by this impending snowfall. » 11/24/14 12:46pm 11/24/14 12:46pm

Retrace a Classic on this “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” Road Trip

When it comes to road trips, there's no better way to celebrate than to retrace the route depicted in the greatest Thanksgiving movie ever! Follow in the hilarious steps of Neal and Del on this Planes, Trains & Automobiles Adventure. Just try not to set the car on fire. » 11/28/13 2:14pm 11/28/13 2:14pm

The Ten Cars We're Most Thankful For

Americans can thank General Motors for the new Corvette. It's superb. Also Chrysler for the Viper, keeping the spirit alive. Or Ford for making a 662 hp pony car. Why the hell not? It's 'Merica! But here are ten other cars worth your appreciation before the turkey feast. » 11/28/13 11:00am 11/28/13 11:00am

Ten Ways To Avoid The Holiday Travel Rush

What's great about Thanksgiving is the family feast. Roast turkey, bourbon, pies, bourbon. What's usually not fun is the traveling part, so here are ten tips to make your voyage that much easier so you can get to the family. And bourbon. » 11/26/13 11:32am 11/26/13 11:32am

How To Make Mashed Potatoes (Because That's All They'll Let You Make)

Insofar as your entire life, to this point, can be understood as a series of undertakings begun in earnest, gradually disintegrated by pressure and time, and then finally destroyed with sudden, spasmodic violence, you—exactly you, you there, reading this now—are the perfect person to make and bring the mashed… » 11/23/13 10:57am 11/23/13 10:57am

How NASA Scientists Would Cook Your Turkey

Most of you will use ovens to cook your turkeys tomorrow. But most of you are not NASA. We asked their engineers and science writers how they would cook a turkey to perfection using their high tech gear instead of traditional methods. Then we asked Josh McKible to illustrate their recipes. » 11/21/12 11:44am 11/21/12 11:44am

Morons Who Crashed Matching Corvettes In Thanksgiving Drag Race…

I remember sitting in my brother-in-law's living room last Thanksgiving Day, enjoying holiday meats laced with tryptophan when I noticed an urgent message form a guy I went to high school with saying he had video of two silver Corvettes crashing during an illegal street race on the pine-lined avenues of The… » 11/12/12 3:40pm 11/12/12 3:40pm

Warrants issued for Thanksgiving Corvette drag racers

Police officers are looking to fry up the two turkeys who wiped out in a stunningly stupid Thanksgiving Day Corvette drag race. One turkey is apparently a mama's boy and the other is possibly a known scammer. » 11/27/11 10:40am 11/27/11 10:40am

Watch a high speed drive in the snow somewhat predictably end poorly

The passing of Thanksgiving is a sure sign to most drivers in the colder parts of the country soon we will be driving in the snow (if you aren't already). » 11/26/11 12:30pm 11/26/11 12:30pm

How to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner on a race track

The attention of drivers at the annual 13-hour endurance race at Virginia's International Raceway is constantly split between the track and the delicious scent of smoking meats wafting into their race cars. That's thanks to a crazy competition pitting teams of corner safety workers against each other in a trackside… » 11/22/11 12:00pm 11/22/11 12:00pm

Things to do before hitting the road for the holiday

If your travel plans for Thanksgiving involve sitting behind the wheel for a few hours until you get to your destination, there are still a few things you should do before you leave to make sure that you get to your destination quickly and safely. » 11/22/11 11:15am 11/22/11 11:15am

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Detroit Football Fans' Anti-Nickelback Crusade Drawing Major Support

The resilient, rough chuckles-enduring people of Detroit put up with dog poop air, crime-ring moms, crime-ring stray dogs, fake Koch evictions, and 1,001 other ills. But they refuse to sit through a Nickelback half-time show during this Thanksgiving's Lions-Packers game. Uninspired Canadian crap rock is where they… » 11/05/11 7:30am 11/05/11 7:30am