Fred Grote Automotive Thanksgiving Commercial

Fred Grote Automotive, of Indiana, concocted this particular masterpiece. It has all the essential elements of a near-perfect (amusing) local car dealership commercial. You’ve got a man in a turkey costume, absolutely awful graphics, in-law jokes, Thanksgiving puns, a pilgrim, and a man being deep fried (not literally...just appears like it). There’s literally nothing else you could ask for.


The focal point of the commercial is our hero, Fred Grote, or “Freedom Fred” as he’s called on his website. He just wants to get the people of Warsaw and Elkhart, Indiana in a nicer or newer car. He’s aiming to be a man of the people!

I don’t know how I came about this piece of art, but I’d say that of the 9.7 thousand views it has, I am easily half of them. And I just want to say, thank you to Mr. Freedom Fred Grote. You are an American hero. As I eat my turkey leg and watch football today, I’ll be thinking of you and how thankful I am for your commercial.