What Car Offers The Best Escape From Your Family During The Holidays?

If you need a moment to yourself this holiday season, what cars set you up for success?

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A green VW Splitscreen van parked in a forrest
What’s the best automotive escapism if you need to flee your family?
Photo: Philip Fong / Contributor (Getty Images)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, in case you hadn’t heard, and I’m told that in America this means it’s time to gather with friends and family. It’s also a time to discuss what you’re thankful for and catch up over copious amounts of food. Sounds nice.

And while it’s nice to catch up with family at this time of year, sometimes it can all get a bit much.

Maybe you live in a household that’s divided between a love of Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen? Or perhaps your eco-conscious, Tesla-driving cousin finds themselves at loggerheads (translated: at wits’ end) with your Camaro-driving mother every time they meet.


Whatever the reason, I’m sure many of us find ourselves wanting a moment of peace and quiet at some point over the holiday weekend. So, what automotive pursuits can give you that time for yourself this weekend?

That’s what we want to hear about today, the cars that can offer the best automotive escapism from your family during the holidays.


It could be a project car you’re wrenching away on in the garage, or perhaps you’d be more inclined to head off road in a Wrangler. Maybe you just like the idea of hitting the highway to emulate your own, short grand tour, like that of the infamous Grand Tour trio for an hour.

But also, your ultimate automotive escapism may just be whatever car you need to drive home from a particularly fraught family get together. Or even the RV you’re staying in that’s parked and/or located as far away from your family as humanly possible.


Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear your tips for automotive escapism this Thanksgiving weekend.

So let us know in the comments section below, what cars do you think can offer the best escapism from your family during the holiday season?