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On This Day, We Give Thanks For The Cars

It’s Thanksgiving y’all! And if there is one thing this holiday is good for, it is sharing trash takes with the people you barely see but are legally required to love. Families just don’t share their awful opinions over holiday food enough. Especially the ones about the cars.


Only problem is, you’re a Jalopnik reader. Your takes have been tempered in the heat of Kinja comments sections. They are hotter than the molten green bean casserole you’ve been eyeing at the other end of the table. If you aren’t constantly stuffing your face you risk unleashing a torrent of spicy truth. We both know all that needs to happen is for someone to mention Cybertruck just once for all of your relatives to be scorched by your blinding brilliance.

To keep yourself from blasting Uncle Roger, who thinks the C8 Corvette is too Eww-or-pean for him to be caught dead in one (he hasn’t worked for six years and there’s no way in hell he’s voting for the socialist evil, does he think Chevrolet is just handing them out to men over 50?) or your dweeb cousin says he’s not even gonna bother getting a driver’s license when he turns 16 in two years because all the cars will be self-driving, you can either dig a fork into the soft part of your thigh or turn to Jalopnik.


Ah yes, Jalopnik. A safe-space for sanity and reason. In the all-loving glow of your phone, Jalopnik is there. We’re always here for you. Except for today. Today we are not here. We are all off at our own Thanksgiving dinners experiencing a similar struggle. To keep you from roasting those you are supposed to love, we’ve mixed in some new posts, along with posts about the cars that made us feel gratitude for being alive. Instead of dishing out your hot trash takes, try diving into some of ours.

We’ve spent the last year driving amazing, cutting-edge cars and we have thoughts on all of them. So let’s revisit some of the cars that made us thankful this year, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make it to December with most of your family still talking to you.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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