What Are Your Terrible Tales Of Thanksgiving Travel Chaos?

Missed flights and traffic chaos can see meticulously planned holiday travel descend into madness.

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A motorbike rides through snowy traffic on a main road
What tales of terrible Thanksgiving travel do you have to share?
Photo: Tobias Hase / Stringer (Getty Images)

The countdown is on as Thanksgiving is just two days away, and Christmas is just over a month from now. So, people across the country are deep in present-wrapping preparation, meal planning mode and might have started plotting their route to visit friends and family during the holiday season.

But no matter what effort you go to in order to map out the best, most stress-free route from A to B, it doesn’t always go according to the plan. So today, we want to revel in your tales of misery as we hunt out the worst stories of holiday travel madness.

Delayed flights, traffic chaos, unexpected (or expected) breakdowns, unruly passengers and ill-timed roadworks can all see meticulous planning descend into madness at a moment’s notice. Those self-confessed disorganized travellers will be guarantees to bringing their own truckload of problems on any journey.


On top of that, we now live in a world of travel restrictions, pre-flight COVID-19 testing, vaccination and quarantine requirements. So what other headaches have these measures thrown at you in the last 12 months?

That’s exactly what almost scuppered (royally messed up) my holiday plans last year, as a travel ban was announced for anyone in London while I was en route to the station for a month away from the big smoke. It was not the stress-free start to the holidays I had hoped for.


While at the time, these stories probably felt awful, you must have had time to heal and recover from the tumultuous events by now? And if not, people always say that a problem shared is a problem halved.

So in that spirit, let us know your worst stories of Thanksgiving travel chaos in the comments section below. We’ll read through them all and compile some of our favorites later on today.