A Saab To End All Stories

It was all about sacrifice when I decided to forgo my cushy 2013 Volkswagen GTI with heated seats, blue tooth, and a manufacturer's warranty. Driving a new car isn't very satisfying; it's not as interesting as something that creaks, rattles, and sputters on occasion. » 2/15/15 2:15pm 2/15/15 2:15pm

The Weirdest Postal Vehicles

What you see here is an electric prototype based on the old Saab 95 that was used for a brief period in the city of Linköping before ending up in the museum. But can it be the weirdest postal vehicle ever built? » 2/10/15 8:25pm 2/10/15 8:25pm

The Great Oil Paradox: How Cheap Gas Could Lower Demand For Gas

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 12/11/14 9:18am 12/11/14 9:18am

Jerry Seinfeld Proves Anyone Can Love A 1965 Saab

Of course Jerry Seinfeld loves Saab. The man truly is one of us. In this latest installment of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld's ride is a 1965 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 in all its two stroke glory. It's so weird and so wonderful. » 12/04/14 12:26pm 12/04/14 12:26pm

Let's Watch Some Dumb Idiot Moron Roll A Saab For Fun

Just how safe is an old Saab? Some idiot not smart dumb people put the question to the test by intentionally rolling an old 9000. This is an idea that is dumb and unwise. » 11/18/14 1:00pm 11/18/14 1:00pm

The Saab EV-1 Was A Sexy Swede With Corvette Seats And Composites

This amazing concept from 1985 also made it into Back to the Future II and had more eighties vibe than Jerry Wiegert and young Charlie Sheen floating on a cocaine cloud. Too bad Saab didn't follow up on it, because that could have changed everything. » 11/13/14 8:00pm 11/13/14 8:00pm

Saab's New Owner NEVS Faces Bankruptcy Demand

If one were to make a list of automakers that simply can't catch a break, I think Saab would be at the top of that list. Now the Swedish car company — or at least, what's left of it — is about to be dealt another huge blow as its new owner faces possible bankruptcy. » 8/12/14 5:21pm 8/12/14 5:21pm

Son Surprises Mom With Her Dream Car: A Gorgeous Copper 1973 Saab 99

If you have a mother or father who shares your love of the automobile, I bet you've dreamed of one day surprising them with their favorite car. YouTube user Corey Wadden's mom dreamed of owning an old Saab. And after a year of searching, he made that happen for her. » 8/11/14 7:03pm 8/11/14 7:03pm

Dealership Gives Woman Refund In Pennies

When a college student tried to get a refund for her trouble-prone Saab from a Jacksonville car dealership, they handed her two bags full of coins. » 7/23/14 3:30pm 7/23/14 3:30pm

​The World's First Remote-Controlled Air Tower Is From Saab

It's called the Remote Tower, and when it goes into service this fall, air traffic controllers in Sundsvall, Sweden will huddle underneath those massive screens and direct flights into the Örnsköldsvik airport from over 60 miles away. » 6/19/14 10:00pm 6/19/14 10:00pm

Enter The Draken, My 1978 Saab 99 EMS

Another day, another Daily Turismo Project Car — time to introduce everyone to Draken (Dragon in Swedish). I decided it was time to pick up something inexpensive to use as a part time driver while fixing up a few of my other cars. » 6/16/14 1:45pm 6/16/14 1:45pm

This Old Saab Motorhome Looks Like A Kitty Loaf

If there's an RV more deserving of hugs than this Saab 92H, I haven't met it. This adorable two-stroke Swedish meatball was built in 1963 by Torsten Johansson using the mechanicals of a Saab 92. The Saab 92, you may recall, made all of 28 HP from its two-stroke twin. That's meager for a car, glacial for a rolling… » 6/13/14 11:00pm 6/13/14 11:00pm

Saab's New Owner Has To Stop Production Over Money Problems

Don't check your calendar, this isn't 2011. Or 2009 for that matter. It's 2014 and the latest group trying to put the people of Sweden back to making Saabs has run into a financial roadblock. » 5/20/14 5:30pm 5/20/14 5:30pm

Who Thought Having These People Flip A Saab In An Ad Was A Good Idea?

I've seen this 20-year-old ad for the Saab 900 about a hundred times. I still don't know who thought, "Never mind the pieces that fell off the car, let's put this on TV." » 4/25/14 10:00pm 4/25/14 10:00pm

The Nurburgring, a Screaming Wife, and a Failing Saab.

The Nurburgring isn't so much a race track as it is an insane German roller coaster that you can fall off of at any moment. My wife, Kelty, sitting next to me, screaming for 11 minutes straight intensified this effect. Except, instead of a roller coaster scream she was screaming like she suddenly found herself on the… » 4/22/14 8:22pm 4/22/14 8:22pm

Saab Back From Dead, Starts Building Electric 9-3s

Remember that time Saab died? Sorry, remember all those times that Saab died? Well, they're alive once again. And the beginnings of the 9-3 EV program are a go. The problem is they can't go very far. (Update: Apparently they can, it's confusing) » 4/10/14 10:15am 4/10/14 10:15am