Mark Webber Quit Formula One Because He Is A Sore Loser, Maybe

Mark Webber finally left Formula One this year for a sweet gig racing at Porsche's factory Le Mans effort. And now fellow F1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne is saying it's because he "got tired" of losing to that damn Sebastian Vettel kid all the time. » 12/28/13 12:06pm 12/28/13 12:06pm

Porsche's 2.0L 4-cylinder Hybrid Le Mans Challenger Named The 919

Porsche officially unveiled the 919 Hybrid, their Le Mans Prototype for 2014. Unlike Audi, they haven't figured out their livery yet, so the drivers were announced alongside the still camouflaged car. » 12/15/13 1:41pm 12/15/13 1:41pm

Mark Webber To Leave Abusive F1 Relationship For Porsche And Le Mans

Surprising no one, least of all our readers who called it, Aussie F1 driver Mark Webber is leaving the sport and Red Bull Racing after being treated like crap and playing second-fiddle to his awkward wunderkind teammate. He'll join Porsche's new sports car program. » 6/27/13 6:51am 6/27/13 6:51am

Webber To Rely On Teammate/Sworn Enemy Vettel's Data For Bahrain GP

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have been at each other's throats recently thanks to team orders-gate at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Mark Webber's bad luck continued in China when he lost a wheel. Guess what? The bad luck has now followed him to Bahrain! » 4/19/13 12:15pm 4/19/13 12:15pm

Fuel Issue Means Mark Webber Will Start Last At Chinese Grand Prix

Hey, it's Mark Webber. You may remember him from such disappointments as the time his Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel passed him to win last month's Malaysian Grand Prix despite orders to the contrary, or the time Vettel said he'd probably do that again. Webber is already off to another rough start this weekend at… » 4/13/13 8:40am 4/13/13 8:40am

Sebastian Vettel Says He Might Continue To Disobey Team Orders

Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix after disobeying direct orders from the team not to pass teammate Mark Webber. Vettel apologized at the time, but now he's changed his tune. Instead of being apologetic, it sounds like he'd do the same thing again if given the chance. » 4/11/13 11:18am 4/11/13 11:18am

The 2011 Formula One season’s lopsided awesomeness in one chart

Here’s the points chart for the recently concluded Formula One season, total points plotted against Grands Prix. If you’ll ignore the uncanny performance of a certain blond German kid, it was a pretty close fight…for second place. » 11/29/11 2:00pm 11/29/11 2:00pm