Now that The American aka Mike Skinner is officially out on The Grand Tour season two, the three hosts are looking for a new driver. Who will it be? Only the universe (and likely the show’s executive producers) know.

In a newly released promotional video, we can see the gang sitting at a table. Jeremy Clarkson is tasked with “firing” The American. I feel bad, especially since Mike Skinner is a good dude and a great driver.

Anyway, because the show now needs a new driver to fill in The American’s role, it definitely means that they’re not getting rid of the track testing segment. The short clip ends with “#NewDriverWanted: Mustn’t be fat, clumsy or slow.”

This last part was probably a joke because the second season is supposed to air very soon on Dec. 8, which means that they’ve likely found a driver already.

(h/t to stephenmcknight!)