You've Never Felt Agony Until You Listen To Jacques Villeneuve's Album

Canada, we need to have a talk. I love your Timbits with every strawberry-glazed fiber of my being. I do not love your music. It's bad enough when you foist the likes of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber upon an unsuspecting world. It's even worse when your Formula One drivers decide to release an album. » 3/14/15 2:26pm 3/14/15 2:26pm

New Indian racing series puts F1 drivers in Radicals

How do you develop a nation's motorsports culture? Let a bunch of promising drivers race each other in Radical SR3s. How do you promote such a backwater series? Let a bunch of old F1 drivers race with them — for a total assload of cash. » 12/30/11 3:00pm 12/30/11 3:00pm

Nascar brings back another F1 champ, works on complete set

Penske Racing will bring back 1997 Formula 1 champ Jacques Villeneuve for two Nascar road races in June and August. Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkonen spent Tuesday bending the nose of Robby Gordon's car in Virginia. Jean Girard, blanc courtesy phone. » 5/25/11 12:45pm 5/25/11 12:45pm

The History Of BMW in Formula One: 1982 — 2009

BMW has been active in Formula One since 1982, when they supplied an absolutely bollocks engine to Bernie Ecclestone's Brabham team. Now that they're calling it quits, let's take a look back at their 27 years in the sport. » 7/30/09 12:00pm 7/30/09 12:00pm

Jalopnik Weekend Motorsports Preview

Starting this week we've asked our resident expert Girl on Cars to become a Race Girl on Cars and try her hand at a race preview we'll drop every Friday around noon, just in time for your weekend viewing pleasure. All of the upcoming hot weekend racing action can be found just after the jump. — Ed. » 10/05/07 12:30pm 10/05/07 12:30pm

Villeneuve Enters Nascar

"My name is Jacques and I am a racing-car driver just like you except I am from Formula Un. I am the greatest one in the whole world." This must be what Jacques Villeneuve is thinking as he contemplates a career as a NASCAR driver. The French Canadian will test a Bill Davis Toyota Pick-up on Monday with a view towards… » 8/24/07 10:15am 8/24/07 10:15am

Villeneuve: Webber's Sucky Cars Might Do Him In

Jacques Villeneuve commented that the psychological disadvantage conferred by driving underperforming cars could undo Mark Webber's chances of winning. Webber, who famously spanked Damon Hill's time around the Top Gear test track and then got stomped by a newly mustache-free Nigel Mansell (is it bad that we care more… » 3/27/06 6:09pm 3/27/06 6:09pm