Your Ridiculously Awesome Buick Grand National Wallpaper Is Here

If you know anything about the Buick Grand National, then you probably already know it is heavily associated with Darth Vader. If you didn't already know that, well, now you do so we can move on to more important details like different versions of the vehicle and how many turbo Regals were produced. » 9/20/14 5:02pm 9/20/14 5:02pm

Your Ridiculously Sinister Buick Grand National Wallpaper Is Here

Recently, I had an epiphany, but not a good one. "We haven't had an American car on Weekend Wallpaper in far too long," I realized. "This needs to be corrected immediately." But what car should I choose? A Camaro? A Mustang? A Charger? Some old-school muscle car? Perhaps some kind of Saleen? » 3/02/13 5:00pm 3/02/13 5:00pm

'What's With All The Black Cars?' Another Exclusive Clip From Black Air

New York filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. is making a documentary about the most important subject we can imagine: the Buick Grand National. He's calling it Black Air and we've already shown you one exclusive clip of the film so why not one more? » 9/05/12 6:30pm 9/05/12 6:30pm

Watch An Exclusive Clip Of The Buick Grand National Documentary Black…

Everyone here at Jalopnik has been anxious to see Black Air, a documentary about the beloved Buick Grand National and GNX from New York filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. » 7/20/12 3:00pm 7/20/12 3:00pm

Help us find this stolen Buick Grand National

Be on the lookout for the Buick Grand National and truck pictured above. It's owned by a member of the forums and was was apparently stolen this weekend in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Details below. » 10/24/11 10:00am 10/24/11 10:00am

What car should have been made with a manual transmission?

It's not exactly a secret that around here the manual is the transmission of choice. Even though they are harder and harder to find with each passing year, if we had our choice every vehicle made would forever have an optional manual transmission. With this in mind we started thinking about all of the cars that should… » 7/23/11 4:00pm 7/23/11 4:00pm

The shootout from Heat with a Buick Grand National

Michael Mann's Heat is a study in wonderfully pure action filmmaking with hints of influence from Japanese new wave yakuza directors like Suzuki and Shinoda, shot before Tarantino perfected the homage with Kill Bill. But did you know before that Mann made a simplified version of Heat for NBC? Worth it for the Grand… » 5/19/11 10:00am 5/19/11 10:00am

This is what a 1987 Buick GNX that has traveled 10 miles looks like

There are low mileage 24 year old cars and then there are Buick GNXs with 10 miles on the odometer. This example of the latter is currently listed on Ebay with no description other than the pictures seen here. » 4/24/11 4:00pm 4/24/11 4:00pm

Our Kind of Holiday Roast

Burnouts are good. Smokey Burnouts are great. Smokey burnouts performed by a "None More Black" 1987 Buick Grand National with a 3.8 liter Turbocharged V6 are even better. (Photo Credit:Travis Isaacs ) » 1/01/11 12:30pm 1/01/11 12:30pm

What is Your Favorite Car from the 1980s?

When people think about the malaise era, great cars are not always the first things that come to mind. Although it wasn't the best automotive decade, some great cars were still produced. What is your favorite car from the 1980s? » 12/18/10 5:00pm 12/18/10 5:00pm

The 6x6 Datsun Pickup Answers The Unanswerable Question

Have you always wanted a mini pickup truck but their maneuverability, off road ability and simplicity made you think twice? This stretched 6x6 Datsun Mini Truck may be the perfect solution for your unreasonable needs. » 12/18/10 11:00am 12/18/10 11:00am

Tim Allen Versus Jay Leno In An Epic Burnout Contest

Yes, in this classic clip it's Tim Allen in a race-prepped Saleen Mustang racing Jay Leno in a heavily modified Grand National. Now ,Tim Allen's shilling for Chevy and Leno's still buying everything he sees. » 9/11/10 7:44pm 9/11/10 7:44pm

For $4,900, Get a Buick Fit for a King, a Very Quick King

For '83 alone, Buick took a break from the Grand Nationals to make the T-Type. As today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe turbo Regal proves, that's almost as grand, but will this car's price fit you to a T-Type? » 9/02/10 8:00am 9/02/10 8:00am

Fast And Furious Grand National Stunt Car Drives Backwards

Though not a great work of cinema the last The Fast And The Furious film had a ton of Grand Nationals, including this rear-wheel-steered Buick designed for backwards driving stunts. Will it join Vin Diesel in Fast 5? » 2/10/10 4:30pm 2/10/10 4:30pm

Buick Grand National Hot Wheels Pretty Rad

In case you haven't noticed, we're big fans of the Buick Grand National, so when we saw this Hot Wheels Turbo Buick action, we just had to make it ours. » 3/09/09 8:30am 3/09/09 8:30am

Fast And Furious 1987 Buick Grand National GNX

Car: 1987 Buick Grand National GNX
Character: Domenic Toretto (Vin Diesel) And Crew
Engine: 3.8-Liter Turbo V6
Upgrades: MSD ignition, Turbonetics intercooler, T/A Performance cylinder heads, Wenco driveshaft, Cragar Soft 8 Black wheels » 2/11/09 11:30pm 2/11/09 11:30pm

Duramax-Powered Buick Grand National

We're still confused. Anyhow, reader Mike L. hipped us to a website called 18 to 1 that specializes in oil-burning hot rods. And they just happen to have a Buick Grand National on the homepage that someone stuffed a Duramax into. The obvious question is what in the fuck why? At first I thought I found the answer… » 7/03/07 5:00pm 7/03/07 5:00pm

Buick GNX

One of the most tired cliches in all of autojournodom is "Darth Vader's Ride." You've read it one million times, I've used the phrase several hundred dozen times and we think of it every time a pitch-black Corvette Z06 passes by. It's old, it's worn and until further notice, the Maybach Excelero owns that appellation… » 7/03/07 12:15pm 7/03/07 12:15pm

Manta National

A Finnish fellow, name of Tapi, restomodded a Manta A. And then he dropped in a Buick Grand National mill with a 2004R behind it and made donuts. Well, after all, wouldn't you? » 6/19/07 3:45pm 6/19/07 3:45pm