We're still confused. Anyhow, reader Mike L. hipped us to a website called 18 to 1 that specializes in oil-burning hot rods. And they just happen to have a Buick Grand National on the homepage that someone stuffed a Duramax into. The obvious question is what in the fuck why? At first I thought I found the answer perusing their forum, where the site's administrator posted up his latest Irwindale Speedway times: 8.258 / 84.81mph. Wow, I thought, that's mad. Like, zero to 80 mph in a second and then the diesel Buick just stayed the course. But then I read the fine print โ€” those numbers are for an 1/8 of a mile, not a 1/4. We still don't get it. Also, that's a fake GNX badge, dude.

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