The 6x6 Datsun Pickup Answers The Unanswerable Question

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Have you always wanted a mini pickup truck but their maneuverability, off road ability and simplicity made you think twice? This stretched 6x6 Datsun Mini Truck may be the perfect solution for your unreasonable needs.


Last week's classic ad watch reignited my latent desire for an early 80s 4x4 Datsun truck, so I decided to do the rational thing and see what Ebay had to offer. The gem you see here represents the only Datsun truck with more than 2 wheel drive to be found. Powered by what looks like a carbureted Buick V6, a rebuilt engine from a Grand National with turbo is included with the sale. One of these is claimed to be the original engine, although it is hard to tell which from the ad. Clearly neither are.

The Datsun is a true 6x6, or at least it appears to be, there are drive shafts coming from both of the rear axles. Why someone decided a Datsun needed two rear axles is likely an answer lost to another decade. The paint job tells the tale (in several ways) of what decade that was. Although the truck is described as having the original paint, we are going to take that to mean the first paint job after the conversion, which was (you guessed it) sometime in the 80s.

The fact that this truck is a Datsun truck with a Grand National engine and is not cool is disappointing to say the least. Conceptually, it sounds brilliant, but as you can the execution leaves quite a bit to be desired. Whether or not the extra rear axle is any way useful off road is a question that can only be answered by whoever eventually buys this thing. With the current price set at $25,000 we could be waiting a long time for an answer.



The unanswerable question being "how much awesome is too awesome?"

The only thing that would make this better is if it had bed seats. What was that Datsun pickup called? It had some name, like the buddy or sidekick or something?