The 1982 Datsun Trucks Cowboy Up

Saddle up and take a look at what the Datsun truck lineup had to offer for 1982. The little trucks were advertised as being rugged and thrifty, just like the unnamed cowboy spokesman who owns 3 of them.


In the late 70s and early 80s Datsun adapted a western theme to their truck advertising. Perhaps it was to convince the heartland of America that a Datsun could be a suitable replacement for their larger and more expensive American trucks or perhaps someone at Datsun just thought all Americans had cowboy hats and horses. Either way, if you saw an advertisement for a Datsun truck in that era it likely took place down on the ranch.

Datsun took the western theme so far as to name their 4x2 sport truck package the "Lil' Hustler", which you could purchase for a mere $6149 and was good for 31mpg. It is a shame you can't buy something comparable these days, as these Datsuns and other Japanese mini trucks were hard to beat for affordable reliable transportation. Many of the original 80s mini trucks, like these Datsuns, are hard to find today. Most of them were put out to pasture prematurely due to their notorious rust issues. It's a shame, because I could see myself in one of those go anywhere 4x4s, complete with early 80s accessories.

At the end of the commercial, Datsun assures us "from one tough customer to another, they are driven" in one of the less coherent advertising slogans that can be recalled. Whatever it meant, Datsun sure wanted you to know that in 1982, their trucks could hang with even the toughest of cowpokes.


Maxx Cracker LX

Those would be great, but I'm wondering how a 6'4" guy like myself would tuck into the cab. Full-size pickups have the advantage in head/shoulder room.