The latest edition of Fast and Furious finally gets a real live trailer to go along with the production stills, and after a watch, it's actually not too bad. The Buick Grand National which sent our hearts aflutter before is now involved in the hijacking of a gasoline land train in the Dominican Republic worth $1.4 million — and carrying a driver not interested in seeing it go. Not only do we see the GN in action, but we get a preview of oh so many other models to join in the mayhem.Along with the Grand National, we see cameo appearances from a Ford RS200, a Chevy Nova SS, a Subaru WRX STI, at least one Skyline, a Ford Taurus Wagon (!), an old-school Celica and, of course, Vin's supercharged Charger is back (along with Paul Walker, unfortunately). We gotta say, unless they relied on brain-dead writers for this one, it actually looks like it might be entertaining. Then again, this is a chopped-together preview. [Rotten Tomatoes]


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