Fast and Furious 4 Trailer: Grand National, RS200 With Vin Diesely Goodness

The latest edition of Fast and Furious finally gets a real live trailer to go along with the production stills, and after a watch, it's actually not too bad. The Buick Grand National which sent our hearts aflutter before is now involved in the hijacking of a gasoline land train in the Dominican Republic worth $1.4 million — and carrying a driver not interested in seeing it go. Not only do we see the GN in action, but we get a preview of oh so many other models to join in the mayhem.Along with the Grand National, we see cameo appearances from a Ford RS200, a Chevy Nova SS, a Subaru WRX STI, at least one Skyline, a Ford Taurus Wagon (!), an old-school Celica and, of course, Vin's supercharged Charger is back (along with Paul Walker, unfortunately). We gotta say, unless they relied on brain-dead writers for this one, it actually looks like it might be entertaining. Then again, this is a chopped-together preview. [Rotten Tomatoes]


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@Kuang: it is about time the greatest SUV of all time makes it into a movie. though it will piss me off if it gets destroyed because everyone who have ever been in knows, you cant destroy it though normal means. it was also suck if its the main bad guys vehicle.

did anybody else think that when it said "new model"...."same parts" that maybe, just maybe the movie would have a new challenger with the blown big block from the first movie. it would make sense because the new challenger srt8 already has fake carbon stripes on the hood just like the ricers.