We All Missed Our Chance To Buy This Incredible Buick Grand National With Only 74 Miles

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Seventy-four miles. That’s all this 1987 Buick Grand National’s odometer reads, and by looking at these pictures, I believe it. But if you just grabbed your wallet and flipped through it to find totally inadequate bills like I did, there’s bad news: This apparently mint condition muscle-Buick just sold for nearly $65,000.

Technically it was $64,900, which honestly sounds about right for this clean 3.8-liter V6 turbocharged beast, because just flipping through the pictures of the eBay listing is a borderline religious experience. I mean, just look at the thing!


Yes, that’s apparently the original window sticker right there on the window!

And the interior looks as perfect as the exterior does:


Especially the odometer part:


And the engine bay. How can something as coarse as a oil-churning, gas burning engine look this pretty?


Davis Auto Sports out of Richmond, Virginia is the lucky (or unlucky) seller which will soon be (or who perhaps already is) $64,900 richer, but which is now one perfect Grand National poorer. On its eBay listing, the dealership and performance shop writes that this thing really is as perfect as it looks:

Up for your consideration in a 100% original 1987 Grand National with 0000074 Miles. This is a True One Owner GN with the plastic still on the seats, window sticker still on the window, with all documents. This car has been in a GM collection that we bought since day 1 of ownership. We will add over 100 pics and a full HD video very soon to this listing.


One owner. Plastic still on seats. Seventy four miles. Original window sticker. I think it’s safe to say this was the last chance any of us had at owning a Grand National this nice in our lifetimes. And if that bums you out, don’t watch this video:

Because in that clip above, the Grand National looks even better than perfect.

Yes, we all blew our chance.