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Recently, I had an epiphany, but not a good one. "We haven't had an American car on Weekend Wallpaper in far too long," I realized. "This needs to be corrected immediately." But what car should I choose? A Camaro? A Mustang? A Charger? Some old-school muscle car? Perhaps some kind of Saleen?

Then photographer Joey D'Anna came to my rescue and answered that question for me. He hooked me up with this insanely great 1987 Buick Grand National wallpaper. I wanted something badass and quintessentially American, and this car is exactly that.

Here are some details Joey sent me about this particular car:

Its a 1987 Grand National that has been frame off restored.

The engine is mostly stock, but with an upgraded turbo, EPROM, and a higher capacity aluminum radiator.

Trans is stock, but rebuilt and has a shift kit installed. Rear end is a 3.73 posi, and it’ll spin tires thru second gear - which is a ton of fun in an automatic

Interior is pretty much all original, and the only appearance change from stock is that its sitting on tires one size bigger - which gives it a bit more aggressive stance.


God Bless America.

Photo credit Joey D'Anna. Used with permission. Click here for a giganto-desktop version.


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