'What's With All The Black Cars?' Another Exclusive Clip From Black Air

New York filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. is making a documentary about the most important subject we can imagine: the Buick Grand National. He's calling it Black Air and we've already shown you one exclusive clip of the film so why not one more?


Here's Andrew setting up the clip:

The clip features a man named Richard Clark. In the Turbo Buick world, he's renowned. He's one of the most knowledgable, generous, and passionate people in the community. He's a very successful entrepreneur, totally self-made. He's a former Ferrari owner who had a "road to Damascus" moment with a Turbo Regal in the late 1980s, and that experience turned him into the Grand National guru he is today.

His personal garage is extraordinary. Over 18,000 square feet. Full of cars and parts from floor to ceiling (with overflow storage in several 53-foot trailers out back). A lot of his parts were purchased directly from General Motors in the 1990s and are still in their original packaging. It's part shop, part museum, and heaven to Grand National guys.

He says the garage was never part of plan. It just evolved, growing in scale and scope over the years.

The room you'll see in the clip is one of his two main buildings. So, look at everything that's there and double it to get a sense of how big it is and how much stuff is there.

You'll also see a two-GNX stack in the clip. On top is GNX #110, and that car has less than 10 miles on it. On the bottom is GNX #033, and that was originally owned by Heinz Prechter (founder of ASC) and it's the only GNX with a factory-installed sunroof. So, both very rare, very valuable, and very collectible

The full trailer is coming soon and when it does we'll have Andrew in to answer your questions about the film.

Video Credit: Black Air


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