What's In Your Painful Reality Garage?

Today's question comes to us by way of John C. He has a no doubt lovely wife and a triple-hopped up 2003 WRX. Only issue is, the wife is making him get rid of the boy racer Scoobie in favor of something more sensible, something more grown up. John wants to know what is available to him for less than $30,000. He's… » 5/23/07 11:45am 5/23/07 11:45am

New York Auto Show: Infiniti G Coupe and EX Concept

Amid the smoke of grilled lunch and some manner of Calder mobile-esque covering, Infiniti revealed the 2008 G Coupe and the EX Concept. The G coupe, also known as the G37, packs a refined version of the already stout VQ-series engine tweaked to churn out 330 hp. Four wheel 4WAS steering returns from the Nissan 240SX… » 4/04/07 6:51pm 4/04/07 6:51pm

That DAMD Infiniti: Japanese Tuner Tweaks the G35 Coupe

Japanese tuning shop DAMD is offering a new package of cosmetics mods for the Infiniti G35 — a relatively new entry in its native Japan. The BlackXMetal package includes front bumper fascia and grill, a rear bumper lower valance, CIBE fog lamps, special emblems and 19" DAMD DD-7 rims and optional DSE exhaust. Of… » 10/20/06 2:46pm 10/20/06 2:46pm

Nakamura: Next Infiniti G35 to Resemble Coupe Concept

Infiniti senior VP Shiro "Touch Your Customers" Nakamura says the next G35 coupe will closely resemble the coupe concept Infiniti unveiled in Detroit. If you'll recall the flowery verbiage, that means the "highly massaged" surface treatment of the concept hearkens a more "aggressive, seductive and precise" G35, when it… » 9/08/06 9:44am 9/08/06 9:44am