Why Building The Urus SUV Is Lamborghini's Toughest Job Yet

The latest from Sant’Agata, the Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder, has got a soft top and a loud V10. It’ll be great. Now let’s just move on, because the Urus SUV is set to be ready in 2018 to most likely be their first turbocharged and hybrid car. And here’s why building it will be Lamborghini’s biggest challenge yet.
»9/18/15 3:47pm9/18/15 3:47pm

More Of The Best And Worst Things At The Frankfurt Auto Show

We somehow made it to day two with out getting kicked out of the Frankfurt Motor Show despite what I can only describe as a Lederhosen/Wienerschnitzel incident at the BMW party. Bill Caswell would have been proud. (Bill Caswell probably would have gotten us kicked out had he been there, but that’s another thing… »9/17/15 4:07pm9/17/15 4:07pm

Hyundai's Finally Launching That 'N' Performance Brand But Had No Real Cars To Show

Hey, remember way back in 2013 when Hyundai said they were going to launch a performance sub-brand one letter of the alphabet down from BMW’s? You don’t? Well they are. And at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, they reaffirmed their commitment to performance brought to you by the letter N. »9/16/15 10:46am9/16/15 10:46am

The Best And Worst Things At The Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is so massive (12 huge buildings spread over a large chunk of Frankfurt real estate) that Jalopnik sent both Máté and I to double team it. Máté is covering all of the big reveals and serious stuff leaving me to go on the hunt for everything else that makes Frankfurt one of the must see shows. »9/15/15 6:00pm9/15/15 6:00pm

Porsche's Gorgeous Tesla-Fighting Mission E Concept Looks Like... The Next 911?

Everyone thinks Porsche’s Mission E could be the next electric Panamera. But it’s smaller than that, which means you might be looking at the next 911 instead despite the four doors. No luxurious rear seats, but speed and beauty this time with an exciting concept that we’re hoping hits the streets by 2019. »9/15/15 10:47am9/15/15 10:47am