This Wild Inception-Like Architecture Is An Amazing Convention Display

Visitors to this year's Frankfurt Motor Show will walk through an inverted forest, over an Inception'd city, and under a massive floating track just to see Germany's latest cars. As the biggest auto show in the world, by size, what carmakers do to the massive convention space is as interesting as the cars they display. » 9/11/13 12:39pm 9/11/13 12:39pm

All The Ways Ferrari Made The 458 Speciale Uglier To Make It Faster

Ferrari made a number of changes to the 458 Speciale to make it faster. A lot faster. And uglier. A lot uglier. Now, I don't care for going to Ferrari at car shows since they sometimes seem to think they're too good for us. But their products obviously deserve a closer look. Here's what I found. » 9/11/13 10:33am 9/11/13 10:33am

These Next-Gen Car Interiors Look Like Gorgeous Spaceship Cockpits

The rise of tiny LED projectors, steel-strong composites that bend like rubber, and advanced propulsion systems have given designers the ability to make car interiors that appear as beautiful as we hoped cars of the future would look. And these are more than just concepts, they're all for sale now or coming soon. » 9/10/13 4:17pm 9/10/13 4:17pm