Here's How Hilariously the Huge 2019 BMW X7 Grille Fits on an old E30

Gif: jasoncammisa (Instagram)

I thought we were done laughing about the breadth of the 2019 BMW X7’s nostrils, but then car writer Jason Cammisa went ahead and took the effort to physically face-swap BMW’s enormous SUV with the iconic E30 and frankly it’s hilarious.


I should probably disclose that I actually love the X7–driving that soft mechanical elephant from Las Vegas to LA felt about his close as I could imagine to flying in a private jet without leaving the Earth.


But, yeah, the design proportions are a little absurd. (And the grille the internet has been giggling about since early concept photos came out is in fact 16 inches tall and 32 inches wide, by the way, as measured by the iPhone of a BMW rep at the X7 launch.)

Every automaker has evolved its models to be larger than their older ones, but since BMW has had a signature snout for so long, the stark contrast between old and new is, uh, particularly apparent.

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