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The 2020 Land Rover Defender debuted today at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and now the online configurator is live. Go ahead and option yours up to see if you can spec one as gorgeous as this one I just configured.

I’m sitting with Jalopnik weekend editor Mack Hogan here in Frankfurt and we’re in a bit of a pickle as we try to configure the perfect 2020 Land Rover Defender. For one, the Defender 90 isn’t yet online, meaning we have no choice but to go with the four-door. Mack and I both agree that we like the looks of the four-door better, but the off-roader and cheapskate in me would definitely go for the two-door.


With no two-door configurator yet, we started virtually building a 110 model, and found ourselves struggling to decide whether to get the base engine or the inline-six that’s over $12,000 dearer. (Yes, there’s a 12 grand delta between the four and six-cylinder 110). Our initial thought was to just drop the 12 large because—we can all agree—inline-sixes are awesome. Also, even the four-banger Defender weighs over 4,815 pounds, and do we really want to be lugging that around with only 296 horsepower? The answer is “no.” On top of that, it appears that we can’t option a brown interior with the four-cylinder 110, and neither of us are fans of black interiors.

So we optioned up a 395-horsepower mild-hybrid inline-six model with a gorgeous $710 Tasman Blue paint job and an $870 white roof.

We had no choice but to add the Explorer Pack, because the roof rack, side storage bin, snorkel, and fender flares just look awesome. Seriously, compare the image above to the one below. It’s definitely worth the $4,286.55. (Editor’s note: We are veering into farkle territory here.)


We also chose the Acorn Grained leather interior and the $900 bench seat—a choice that yields a truly lovely interior:


But despite the nice interior and the bigger motor, something wasn’t right. Namely, the wheels. And while, in reality, I’m sure it’d be easy enough to get the steelies on this $70,391.55 (including destination) inline-six model, it doesn’t appear that we can use the online tool to configure this model with wheels that aren’t aluminum, so we backtracked to the base engine to get the right wheels, sacrificing power and a beautiful interior.


I think we can agree that this was the right move:


The total price, $58,491.55, is quite a bit lower than that inline-six Defender, and with those white wheels, it just looks right.

But now it’s your turn. Hit up Land Rover’s configurator and show us how you’d build your new Defender.

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