The Hyundai i10 N Line Is A Pissed-Off Hatchback That's Too Good For America

Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai’s high-performance N Line has been turning heads since it first hit the automotive scene thanks to the fact that its cars have proved to be a hell of a fun time. Now, the i10 N Line is getting ready to hit the market in 2020, making it the fourth N Line model released since 2018, Hyundai says.

The i10 N Line (apparently, officially, the “All-New i10 N Line,” per Hyundai’s press release, but I can’t abide by that nonsense) adopts the motorsport-inspired aesthetic we’ve come to know and love. With 16-inch alloy wheels, N Line emblem, and red skid plate and diffuser are the only real exterior indicators that you’re looking at something different from the normal i10.


It’s the interior that gets extra sporty, according to Hyundai. There’s N branding on the steering wheel and gear shift lever alongside metal pedals and sportier seats so you can feel a little cooler behind the wheel of your daily driver.

While there aren’t currently any images of the interior to confirm, Hyundai seemed pretty stoked about its new All-New i10 N Line at its release at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

And I can’t really say I blame ‘em. I’m totally here for slightly more fun versions of our regular cars, and the N Line models have all had that subtle motorsport-esque distinction that make for a gorgeous car to look at and an even more fun one to drive. Under the hood is a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged engine that Hyundai says makes 99 horsepower. Which is more than enough considering the curb weight of the i10 N Line is expected to be just north of 2,000 pounds, or around the same as a regular i10.


A manual transmission is also available, and if you’re thinking this car is too good to come to America, you’re right. It will be available in Europe starting next summer.

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