The Byton M-Byte's Screen Is So Big; I'm Still Not Quite Over It

Photo: Byton

The China-based startup Byton unveiled the production version of the M-Byte, its first car, this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. You might remember the M-Byte and its giant-ass screen. Friends, the screen is still here, in a car Byton says will come to the U.S. in 2021.

The screen is also in the K-Byte, a sedan that Byton also apparently has in the works. It is 48 inches wide, I wasn’t sure if we’d ever see a real verison of this thing, since so many car startups simply come and go. That car is here (actually, sorry, it’s in Frankfurt, if you happen to be in Germany think about stopping by), and there are, indeed, screens small and huge.


The screens are Byton’s major play, since the range numbers (224 miles for the base model) aren’t all that eye-catching. And the car itself, visually speaking, isn’t either. It’s a pretty regular SUV. Byton thinks they can also compete on price, though, too, with the M-Byte to start at around $45,000, which would be tens of thousands less than a Tesla Model S or Model X.


Overall I’ve been impressed by the seriousness with which Byton has undertaken the complicated business of making cars, despite some recent turmoil. That screen, though.

If you want to see some exterior pictures of the car, I have put some below for your perusal.


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