Woman Just Walks Out Of Her Car While Driving And Lets It Roll Away

If you know you’re not in a condition to drive, it’s best to, you know, stop driving. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just stop in the middle of a road and let your Hyundai just sort of roam free like this woman did. That’s actually probably worse than driving impaired a few seconds longer to get somewhere… »9/09/15 2:39pm9/09/15 2:39pm

Confirmed: Drunk Driving A Mower Not A Work-Around For Suspended License

A report says Pennsylvania State Troopers (literally) lassoed a guy who was cruising down the street on his Cub Cadet lawn tractor with a suspended driver’s license and “three times” the legal limit of booze in his blood. So in case anybody was wondering, looks like “it’s just a mower!” is not a viable defense. »7/22/15 12:16pm7/22/15 12:16pm

Woman In Rolling Sebring Passed Out Cold On San Diego Freeway

Now, before we all jump to very reasonable and probable conclusions about intoxication, please keep in mind this woman was driving a Sebring, and passing out cold is just part of the driving experience. That said, it's lucky she didn't get killed/kill anyone, and that CHP officer handled this remarkably well. »3/29/15 1:40am3/29/15 1:40am

Pantsless Woman Arrested For DUI While Sitting On A Bottle

There's two amazing geographic details to this story: first, it did not take place in Florida, and second, it did take place in Beaver County, PA which should make our audience of 9 year old boys pee themselves. The incident itself involves a car wreck, an inebriated woman, a lack of pants, and a bottle, pressed under… »1/27/15 9:35pm1/27/15 9:35pm

Wrong-Way Collisions Kill Eleven in LA and Florida (Graphic Video)

Police say a drunk 21-year-old woman driving over 100 miles per hour the wrong way down a freeway collided head-on into another vehicle early Sunday morning, killing six people. And an eerily similar collision killed five people driving on a Florida interstate around the same time. »2/10/14 7:51am2/10/14 7:51am

Steelers Player Tweets Really Dumb Photo

Last October, Steelers nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu got wasted and decided to play bumper cars with several parked vehicles on Pittsburgh's South Side. Thursday, Ta'amu was sentenced to just 18 months' probation for it all. Last night, Ta'amu's friend tweeted the photo you see here, and Ta'amu re-tweeted it. (That's… »4/08/13 11:55am4/08/13 11:55am