Nebraska does not want this. Photo: Getty
Nebraska does not want this. Photo: Getty

Getting pulled over sucks. Could possibly lead to jail! So it’s reasonable to expect that motorists everywhere are interested in figuring out how to avoid traffic violations, right? Instamotor, which pegs itself as a helpful guide for buying cars, thinks so. The website released a study this week that, it says, shows “which states motorists will likely attempt to avoid paying fines or, in some cases, [serve] jail time.” That’s a funny thought.

How’d it manage to do that? According to a blog post describing the study, the site compiled average monthly search volumes from Google for every state on traffic violations—DUIs, speeding, parking, and the like.

We then totaled the average monthly search data and divided this sum by the state population, resulting in a per capita ranking. From this data we were able to extract which states motorists will likely attempt to avoid paying fines or, in some cases, serving jail time.


So what’d they come up with? Here’s the top five states it found were most interested in trying to avoid a DUI violation. (Hint: don’t drink and drive?)

  1. Nebraska
  2. California
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Colorado
  5. Arizona

Nebraska, Instamotor says, was the “lowest per capita” to search for “dui checkpoint,” which the post says could perhaps show “a lack of advanced planning before getting behind the wheel.”


Friends, if you’re setting about a plan on how to drink and drive, here’s a foolproof plan: 1) pick someone as a designated driver; 2) make sure they don’t drink; 3) get home safely. Or: drink at home. Don’t drive! Can be just as fun, and less expensive.

Anyway, here’s a list of states below, ranked by per capita of how often they’re searching for helpful advice on how to avoid a DUI violation. More on the study can be found here. Plan on how to drink in public safely; don’t plan to drink and drive.

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