World's Most Patient Traffic Cop Finds The Driver Least Willing To Take A Ticket

This morning, in Jakarta, Indonesia, a chance encounter between the traffic cop most able to accept unreasonable abuse and the driver most willing to dispense unreasonable abuse happened, and, luckily for science, it was all captured on video.


Our tipster, Iswahyudi, tells us that the ticket was over the driver entering a bus lane, which is, of course, a traffic violation. It looks like traffic got much, much worse as the driver’s fierce and physical unwillingness to take the ticket spilled over into the other lanes of the street, as she chased and grabbed at the miserable traffic cop.

The video’s caption says “Don’t mess with emak emak,” which translates to “Don’t mess with mama.”

Okay. I won’t. I promise. I do kind of like her Daihatsu minivan there, though.

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