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Guy Suspected Of DUI Drives Home With Motorcycle Wedged In His Jeep's Bumper

Illustration for article titled Guy Suspected Of DUI Drives Home With Motorcycle Wedged In His Jeeps Bumper

It’s really not to surprising to find out that the driver who rear-ended a motorcycle and then drove all the way home with that motorcycle jammed into his Jeep’s bumper was charged with a DUI. Not realizing or even caring that you’re shoving a whole V-twin motorcycle in front of your car is really the sort of thing you need to be under some kind of influence to do.


The wreck happened yesterday morning, when 29-year-old William Pruett was driving in Mobile, AL, allegedly less than sober. During his drive, he managed to hit a 49-year-old motorcycle rider, knocking him off his bike and jamming the bike into his Jeep’s bumper.

The motorcycle rider is in critical condition.

If somebody’s so lit that they don’t realize they’re pushing a motorcycle, I’m amazed they can manage to pilot a vehicle at all. The physics here sort of baffle me, too–wouldn’t that front motorcycle wheel be pivoting crazily as the car drove? I’m in disbelief that this Jeep got home at all.


According to jail records seen by News 5, Pruett was charged with a DUI back in 2008. He’s currently charged with DUI, assault first degree, use and/or possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

I think the Jeep driver may be done with driving.

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David E. Davis

Guy Suspected Of DUI Drives Home With Motorcycle Wedged In His Jeep’s Bumper

I see Marchionne is in merger talks with Harley-Davidson.