Florida Man's Horrible Parking Job Smashed 17 Other Cars

(Image Credits: News 6)
(Image Credits: News 6)

A 25-year-old Orlando man was arrested and charged with DUI after allegedly smashing his 2003 Chevy Blazer through the gates of an apartment complex and proceeding to wreak havoc in the parking lot, crashing into 17 cars in what may have been the worst parking job ever.

Local CBS outfit News 6 reports that Tony Futch was booked into Osceola County Jail after eventually being corralled by bystanders, who were apparently able to subdue him after he smashed into a second security gate.


Cops told local news they figured out Futch was “attempting to park.”

The damage has not been quantified yet, but miraculously nobody was hurt. And it looks like that sweet Jeep CJ in the parking lot he terrorized escaped unscathed.

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Futch’s Blazer actually doesn’t look too bad after being used as a battering ram. “Like a rock.”


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“Like a rock”?