This Video Of A Cop Pulling Over Another Cop For Suspected Drunk Driving Is So Painful To Watch

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Despite what movies like Zootopia show, police officers are people. Well, except for those police dogs. They’re canines. Human officers are, of course, human, and like other humans, they make mistakes and are not above the law. All of these facts became painfully clear as one Michigan deputy was forced to pull over a police lieutenant for drunk driving, and the whole thing devolved into a miserable display of pleading and expected preferential treatment.


Of course, everything was caught on the deputy’s body camera, so you can feel like you were right there for the whole awkward event:

The arresting officer is from Montmorency County, and the allegedly drunk driver is Washtenaw County Lt. Brian Filipak. The traffic stop occurred near Montmorency county, MI, after several people had called to report the lieutenant’s SUV driving erratically and swerving over the road.

This isn’t easy to watch. The lieutenant does appear quite drunk – the chyron text from a local TV station lists it as ‘Super Drunk,’ which may or may not be an official term of level of intoxication.

The deputy that’s arresting the lieutenant is in a really shitty position, and there are cases where police in similar situations have opened themselves up to pressure and harassment from other officers. Even so, it’s good to see he’s holding a fellow cop up to the standards that would be expected from anyone.

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Is super drunk above or below stupid drunk? Asking for a friend.