Watch A Suspected Drunk Driver Launch Her Car Over A Roundabout And Into The Air

Some serious amateur Dukes of Hazzard shit was going down in Long Beach yesterday, with the skill and planning normally associated with stunt driving replaced with speed, inattention, and a 300 pound boulder to get effectively the same result: a car flying through the air. Incredibly, nobody was hurt in the wreck.


To really get a sense of the raw action-movie qualities of this wreck, you should watch the video, captured from multiple angles by nearby surveillance cameras:

True to their aviation roots, the temporarily flying car was a BMW M4, and the car it hit upon landing was a Mazda 3, and the boulder, not to be outdone, hit a Camaro.

Witnesses say the car was going “about 100 mph” before driving right into the roundabout’s landscaped center, when it hit the boulder that sent it flying what seems to be at least ten feet into the air:

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That boulder also got knocked about 30 feet away or so, too, where it reached the Camaro.

Incredibly, the driver, an unidentified woman, walked out of the car unharmed after the crash. She was taken into police custody for suspicion of DUI, where the investigation is ongoing.


Never drive drunk, of course. This person got spectacularly lucky.

UPDATE: Many commenters are pointing out this isn’t so much a roundabout as a four-way intersection with a traffic-calming island. They’re right, for what it’s worth.

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The boulder got knocked 30 feet away?  She really was stoned!