Jimmie Johnson Mistakes NASCAR For Formula Drift

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jimmie Johnson claims he was trying to adjust the track bar in his car because it was too loose, but I know he secretly wanted more of that sweet, sweet oversteer. Johnson once again showed that he is a master of opposite lock in a situation that would’ve sent many other drivers into the wall.
»5/27/15 5:11pm5/27/15 5:11pm

Video: Shredding a Set of Tires in the Chevrolet SS

This is the 2014 Chevrolet SS, also known as the 2008 Pontiac G8 GXP. First it was dead, then it was alive again, but only for cops, and then people begged for it on the internet (where everyone wants what they can't have). So, here it is, alive once more for customers. Is it everything they asked for? »2/18/14 11:26am2/18/14 11:26am

A CUV with a CVT a hoonmobile? I call BS

Don't be too sure of that statement. Many of us laugh in the face of a CVT, or even more so at the new WRX CVT, "a rally car with a CVT, the heck you say" this quote was directly taken from one of out more proper commentators. But since announcing it, many have wondered if you can really hoon a car with a CVT? I… »2/11/14 9:45am2/11/14 9:45am

Game of Drift 2: Watch Ryan Tuerck and Vaughn Gittin Jr. smash things

Season 2 of Tuerck'd has officialy started, and what could be better than celebrating it with a game of drift. The Drift Alliance brothers have some fun in Tuerck's S13 and Gittins awesome beater Fox Body. Can't wait what's coming next this season, the drift content is the only reason I subscribed to Network A. »7/09/13 10:46am7/09/13 10:46am