Watch A Finnish Rally Legend Drift A Cute Little BMW i3 In The Dirt

Gif: CARJAM TV (YouTube)

You know what I want to see more of? Dirty BMWs. Finnish rally legend Rauno Aaltonen took the humble electric BMW i3 out for a spin, and surprise! It’s a happy little drift machine.

The i3 may just be a cute city car, but Aaltonen was pleasantly surprised by its electric motors’ instant torque delivery.


“Once you understand it, it’s great fun,” he says. “It feels like you would be in a car with a thousand horsepower.”

While I’m sure that Aaltonen—one of the original Flying Finns of motorsport—could get nearly anything sideways if he really tried, he said the i3 was delightfully simple to drift.

“To drift the i3 is easy, nice,” said Aaltonen. “I love it.”

We love seeing it toss up big dirt rooster tails, too.

Take your BMW in the dirt! Yes, even the littlest ones.

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Depending on how life plays out, this might very well be my next addition to my garage. Makes perfect sense as a daily driver. With the range extender, any range anxiety is nixed and that’s very important to me being from Texas where everything is so spread out.