Epic Battle Of The Handbrakes Is The Ultimate Beater Drift Video

GIF via Oliver Amon

If you thought crazy front-wheel-drive chase scenes were the sole province of The Italian Job, think again. All you need for some cleverly executed stunts is a working handbrake and two ragged-out beater hatchbacks.

This isn’t the first time big Merc drifter Amon Oliver has appeared as Hoon of the Day, and it certainly won’t be the last. Watch Oliver and friend Arpad Turoczi whip a Suzuki Swift and a Fiat Uno around in ways that will humble your best driving skills.

They run into each other a couple times, but I consider these love taps—mostly because I love what they’re doing here.

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Picky Boceefus

+1 for the mid-race defroster adjustment