Alex Goy of Carfection got his mom in a Ford Focus RS with the intention to prove that anyone could drift the super-hot hatch. Luckily for us, she played along.


We know a thing or two about sending our moms out to drift. Jalopnik’s Jared did it just last week, to great effect.

After literally being taken for a spin a few times, Hillary Goy is paired up with Ford PR’s Andy Benson to help teach mom how to do the massive skids.

While I cringe every time she closes her eyes while jamming the throttle and yanking the wheel, I can’t help but think how much I would enjoy putting my mom through a similar torture.

And in the end, Hillary only gives up once she’s back in the passenger seat (who can really blame her after a point), having proven that pretty much anybody can, in fact, drift the Ford Focus RS.


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